The Georgia Dental Laboratory Association thanks our sponsors for all their generous support  they give the association each year.  Without their help we would not be able to have the great meetings and Family Outing we have each year. We ask our members to support the vendors that support our association.
National Board for Certification
National Association of Dental Laboratories
Almanon Inc., Refining Division
Argen Corp.
Dentsply Implants
Dentsply Prosthetics
Atlanta Dental
Atlantic Precious Metals Resources, Inc.
Cora Refining Corp.
Heraeus Kulzer
Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.
Komet USA, Inc.
Inside Dental Tech
Norton Dental Products
SafeLink, Inc.
Zahn Dental Company, Inc.
Gainesville Dental Supply
Axis Milling, Inc.
Renfert USA
Sirona Dental Systems, LLC
Turner Wood and Smith