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Here’s a word from our president:

Greetings, fellow GDLA members,

Just when I thought I had done enough during my last presidency to never get elected again, y’all did it anyway. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I promise to work hard for you.

We start the year on a very sad note, with the passing of Shelley Paulen. prezIf you were fortunate enough to know her, you will agree that it’s a classic case of sad things happening to good people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Paulen family. On a positive note, I want to publicly thank Zach Pittman for doing such a wonderful job as our 2013 President. Knowing Zach since he was a twelve year old boy, I couldn’t be more proud of his leadership this past year.

As most of you know, the Board of Directors has enlisted the services of R. Dean Jones, CDT as our new Executive Director. Dean brings to the table not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but a very successful track record as executive director for the Alabama Dental Laboratory Association. He is also a second generation lab owner, a two time president of the GDLA, and since his father was one of the founding members of the GDLA, Dean has a deep emotional connection to our group. Welcome aboard Dean.

Looking forward, we have an exciting calendar of events this year. The May 3rd open forum offers a broad mix of perspective about the current issues facing lab owners each day, as well as insightful opinions about the future of our profession. This is one meeting you really don’t want to miss.

Having said all of that, I wish each of you a healthy prosperous 2014.

Bill Thomas CDT